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    1. Products

      Feed grade- Ferrous Fumarate

      Ferrous Fumarate is a kind of safe and high-effective organic nutrition iron supplementary.
      Structural formula
      Molecular formula: C4H2O4Fe 
      Molecular weight: 169.9
      Performance:The product is orange red or reddish brown powder with fine liquidity and no smell.
      Main index:

      enterprise standard
      National standard
      Ferrous Fumarate content (in C4H2FeO4 dry basis)/%
      ferrous content(in Fe2+ dry basis)/%
      fumaric acid content (in C4H4O4 dry basis)/%
      ferric iron content(in Fe3+)/%
      smashing particle size(passing 0.25mm mesh)/%
      total arsenic(in As)(mg/kg)

      sulfate(in SO42-)%


      1.It is new type iron supplementary addictive with safe and high effective features;
      2.It has different absorption method with ferrous sulfate;
      3.The product has high stability.
      1. Pig: improving immunity; releasing stress; promoting myohemoglobin level and etc.
      2.Fowl: improving meat quality, laying rate and etc.
      3.aquatic livestock: imrpving meat quality and promoting growth
      Recommend dosage: g/ton feed

      pig and fowl 150—250
      fish, shrimp and crab 200—300

      Packing: 25㎏/drum 25㎏/bag
      Storage: in cool and dry place for 24 months


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